What is Eating Disorder Coaching?

Eating disorder coaching is an emerging aspect of an overall treatment strategy. We guide our clients to implement their critical treatment goals out in the real world, where recovery happens. We can support anyone 16 and above with an unnatural relationship to food and their body, facilitating the growth and behaviour change related to recovery.

Eating disorder coaches are trained to use appropriate challenge, exposure and response prevention, as well as their lived experience, to provide guidance and compassionate support for their clients. We teach our clients to create new coping strategies, where the eating disorder self might take charge.

We don’t generally work alone. An eating disorder coach can work closely with their clients clinical team (e.g. psychologist or dietician) to create and implement recovery goals in daily life, and support the individual to build a skill-base for a strong recovery.

Why do we care so much? Because we have walked in similar shoes. Our coaches are passionate and patient, and dedicated to helping our clients find peace with food and their body.

We will meet you where you are at, and nudge you forward to the life you want to live. And in the process, inspire you to Uncover your aspirations, values, and passion for what truly sets your soul on fire, that is hidden beneath the eating disorder.

We know that recovery takes some hard work, and we support our clients to discover why it is worth it.

Why Uncovery?

We believe there has to be something more than getting back to baseline when getting well from your eating disorder. Our founder, Olivia, has a fresh view on the healing process. “After going through my own eating disorder and emerging from the other side, I knew I wasn’t the same person; I was so much more. I had been to the depths of the ocean within my own soul, and brought the real pearls to the surface. It wasn’t easy, but it was so worth it. I had a new found view of the world, who I was inside, and how I wanted to contribute to others getting well. I had connected with my values, and Uncovered my true potential. Finding recovery is beautiful, but Uncovery is so much more.” How can we help you Uncover the gems hidden behind the eating disorder?

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